8 Of The Coolest Construction Technology innovations In 2018

Nothing is constant, but change and this holds true especially for technological innovations. Each year, there’s something to look forward to, especially in engineering, architecture, and construction.

These changes are quite remarkable as it doesn’t only promote safety within the construction site, it also improves overall efficiency and productivity of the workers. That said, allow us to discuss the top 8 technological innovations in 2018.

1. Virtual Reality Will Be a Part of Preconstruction

Initially, virtual reality was limited to military use and video games. Who would have thought that it could be a part of the construction project and become very useful?

Construction companies are now creating virtual mockups to come up with tests to ensure that everything is safe.

2. Augmented Reality

Aside from virtual reality, another technological innovation to look forward to would be the augmented reality. In the construction industry, devices, equipment, and even traffic tools, such as safety cones are now embedded with sensors that could be connected through an iOS app. This extensive connection will improve communications and help managers capture on-site measurements with the use of a smartphone.

3. Circular Business Models

Back in the days, circular business models were nothing, but a philosophy. In 2018, we can expect that it would slowly enter the scene. The idea behind this is to utilize modular building strategies, as well as careful monitoring of resources to reuse specific materials during the project which could also have a better value later on.

4. Self-Healing Concrete

Concrete plays a massive role in construction– it’s the most widely used construction material. Nothing can be more efficient if this document will have the ability to be able to ‘fix’ itself and this is the idea behind the self-healing concrete. As crazy as it may sound, this is slowly turning into reality.

5. Smart Highways and Solar Roadways

A couple of years ago, solar roadways were introduced in the construction industry. It’s a system of modular solar panels integrated into a roadway surface. Investors are starting to consider the use of it shortly as it’s a great way to conserve energy, making it a practical investment.

6. Prefabrication

More and more construction owners are beginning to realize the value of pre-fabricated buildings. Instead of consecutively constructing facilities, with this innovation, they can deliver several project elements all at once. Not only do subcontractors benefit from this, even the safety dramatically improves as well. Prefabrication, combined with 3D BIM is a great way to avoid conflicts when it comes to building space utilization.

7. Energy Saving Buildings

Construction firms are slowly bringing energy-efficiency analysis into the early design and construction process. Through this, energy-efficient solutions are recommended, which increases the opportunities for constructing a building that consumes the least amount of energy, which means the overall expense also goes down.

8. Integrated Mobile Technology

Construction teams are now utilizing mobile devices to create reports and share information with each other. The use of this technology reduces the overall cost, and it also improves the reliability of statements, together with job site documentation. With the use of custom applications on mobile devices, teaks can quickly resolve issues before they turn into major problems.