How To Avoid Of Car Theft

Car theft rampant with various modes used by criminals. Car manufacturers also continue to develop anti-theft system technology in anticipation of car burglaries often occur. one with immobilizer. With this system, the ignition there is a microchip that can transmit radio frequency signals to the ECU (engine control unit). Machines can not turn on if the key is revoked, even if you are using a duplicate key without a microchip.

Here are some ways to keep the car to prevent theft of vehicles.

Car condition Safe When It Left

How the main thing is to make sure the condition of the car is already in a safe at the moment will be left in the sense that all the parts of the door and window parts on the car has been completely closed. If the door is not completely closed vehicle, the vehicle is paired alarm was definitely not going to work and it is certainly the vehicle you will be easily stolen.

Installing Alarm

The second way is by installing a security in the form of an alarm on the vehicle, but now the robbers who are experienced and have sophisticated tools to rob, the alarm can be tricked mainly on the type of alarm with the installation of an open, therefore attach the vehicle with an alarm installation is closed and can not be known by thieves.

Use the steering wheel and Key Lock Pedal

The next way is to use additional security that is on the steering wheel and pedals (gas, brake, or clutch) vehicles. By using additional security certainly the robbers would need more time to carry out the robbery action, as well as taking additional security will make the robbers to cancel the action because of a long time to rob the means to bring a higher risk.

Using Lock Wheels / Immobilizer

Additional security further by installing additional keys that tire immobilizer, security types are able to associate the wheels and the car certainly will not be able to move. Similar with steering wheel lock and pedal locks, wheel locks can make the thieves to cancel the action.

Do not Leave Vehicle In Case of Burning Machine

Despite only being in front of the house or in the garage also should not leave the vehicle in the condition of the engine still running. Sometimes we feel do not care about these things, we must always be vigilant because the crime is very rapid. Please always pay attention to your vehicle if the current heats the engine and when turning off the engine if the vehicle is about to be abandoned.

Parking in a Safe Place

Do not be the one chosen to park their vehicles at unsafe locations. Sometimes we just chose that location closer, or do not need to pay for parking or could be due to practical than without choosing a place is safe or not. Always park in a safe location, ie there is a security officer as well as facilities such as installation of adequate security surveillance cameras or CCTV.

Not Leaving Card Parking in the In Vehicle

Today was a lot of parking locations that prioritize safety by asking the driver to show the card / parking tickets and Vehicle registration number (vehicle registration) when the driver was about to get out of the parking location. Therefore, as much as possible do not forget to always remember to bring a parking card or parking card and do not get left behind, if it happens will facilitate the robbers in the act.

Using GPS Devices

Using a GPS device is one way to find out where the robbers made off with your vehicle. Although only useful while before the thieves realized, the GPS device is the most convenient way for you to get back in the vehicle that has been stolen. 

Change Security Devices On Cars

If using a vehicle used / second hand, it is good to change all the locks that have been provided as lock pedal, steering wheel lock, or lock / switch secret that aims to anticipate foul intentions for people who have had the keys and may also have a duplicate key.

Please note that your Service Provider

Choose a service provider that has been trusted to minimize the risk of something unexpected. As soon as the valet parking, continue to be vigilant and not to leave the vehicle registration card and parking inside the vehicle except in urgent situations.

Those are some tips or ways to avoid car theft. Do not be negligent in your busy life, because of your failure to make an opportunity for people who have bad intentions.