Important Factors to Consider When Repairing a Windshield

Windshield repair or replacement is a common chore for motorists. It is almost impossible to travel without getting a few chips and cracks from passing debris. Most often this damage is minimal. But whether it is a star break or a partial bullseye any slight damage can hamper your vision or steadily get worse. If you are dealing with some minor damage that needs repair or even full replacement here are some important factors to consider.

Do You Need a Repair or Replacement?

The difference between needing a repair or a replacement depends on three factors: size, depth, and location. Generally, a crack or chip that is longer than about 14 inches merit a replacement of the entire windshield. If the crack or chip is smaller than 14 inches you can probably fix the problem with a simple repair. Depth depends on whether the chip hits the inner layer of glass. A typical windshield has an outer layer and inner layer of glass separated by a plastic interlayer. Outer layer damage can be easily repaired but if the crack reaches the inner layer of glass you need a full replacement. The final factor is the location. The location has more to do with structural integrity than placement. Naturally, if you get a chip right in the middle of your vision you will need it fixed immediately. However, a replacement is only required if the damage is to the outer edge of the windshield. This is because it affects the structural integrity of your windshield. This is important in the event of a collision as the windshield supplies protection. A windshield accounts for 60% of protection in a rollover so you do not want anything affecting the integrity of your barrier.

Do You Have Insurance?

Once you have determined what kind of service you need the next step is to check your insurance. Many motorists employ the use of a DIY kit to small blemishes. However, you can get a quality windshield replacement arlington heights il company by checking your insurance. In many states such as Arizona, South Carolina, and Massachusetts comprehensive auto insurance actually covers the entire cost of windshield repair. So do not neglect your policy. You may be surprised at what it covers. There is no sense in doing it yourself if you can get a professional job done for free.

DIY or Service?

DIY kits are great for repairs but generally if you are looking at a replacement you want a professional. There is a lot that goes into removing a windshield and putting another one on. Granted, there is a lot that goes into repair as well. But with repair, it is all rudimentary stuff. You measure the crack, check its placement, buy a kit, and then follow the directions. If you do not have any expertise in auto repair than removing the windshield is best left to actual contractors. This saves you from making costly mistakes, further damaging your car, or breaking the replacement windshield before you can put it on.