Intermodal Transport

Intermodal transportation system is the transport of goods in one unit of the transport vehicle, can be a container or cargo trucks, which use two or more modes of transportation continuously without changing the way the handling of the goods themselves. We can use semi truck either from the best semi truck fenders.

This intermodal transport system is a technique in a sustainable transport merging with several configurations track selection modes. Namely by road and rail, rail and sea, rail and water transport, as well as railroads and air.

For example, using intermodal transportation of goods, namely transportation method using the container, either transported directly included or only limited container chassis container only. Then the containers delivered and unloaded at the nearest train station to the domicile of the customers, the continued transport containers to the final destination location according to the data ordering goods using container trucks.

In general, intermodal transport using a combination of truck and rail as it has become an important part of the logistics business in continental Europe, partly rely on sea lanes and modes of transport stage end always use a fleet of trucks.

Based on a study of the infrastructure capacity reserves for combined transport in 2015 in Europe, a growing market segment in the world today is a kind of combined transport (intermodal transport) with a growth rate faster than most other types of freight business. Ie 10 percent of all services in Europe accounts for 80 percent of the total volume of freight in the blue continent.

Railway operators in European countries generally offer two types of intermodal transport, ie transport and accompanied transport Unaccompanied. The difference, for the entire transport system accompanied truckloads transported in special containers on a series of trains, while Unaccompanied freight container transport using the method below its chassis trailer / semi-trailer or just containers are loaded on the deck of special series of trains.