Reasons to Shop at Jim Ellis Volkswagen of Kennesaw

Whether a buyer is on a tight budget or has plenty to spend, buying a used Volkswagen is a good idea. With a used car purchase, buyers can get all the features and advantages they want at a lower price. Below are some of the biggest benefits of buying a pre-owned VW.

Initial Savings

The primary reason to buy used cars rather than new is saving money. Buying a previous model year’s VW can help a driver save thousands, and going back more than one model year can provide even bigger savings. With a lower upfront price, a buyer can get more amenities than they’d otherwise be able to afford.

Lower Insurance Rates

Along with a lower initial cost and reduced monthly payments, a used VW typically costs less to insure. Because pre-owned vehicles cost less than newer ones, insurers don’t charge as much for coverage each month.

Lower Depreciation

Most people buy cars as transportation, not as investments. However, depreciation should be considered. If a buyer plans to sell the car at some point, a used model will have lower depreciation than a new car has.

Greater Reliability

With used VWs, reliability isn’t an issue. By choosing a previous year’s model, a buyer can easily find user reviews and other information that helps them make an informed decision.

Lesser Environmental Impact

Buying a pre-owned car can also help the environment. When a car is bought new, every part has to be made. With used vehicles, parts are being reused to their fullest potential.

Additional Advantages

While used Volkswagen models offer the benefits listed here, a certified pre-owned model makes more sense. These cars undergo multi-point inspections to ensure everything works as it should, and drivers can even receive a vehicle history report for additional peace of mind.

Where Drivers Can Find Pre-Owned Volkswagen Models

Whether a local driver wants a new or pre-owned VW, the team at Jim Ellis Volkswagen of Kennesaw can help. The dealership has a wide selection of used and new models, and customers can visit for more information or call to schedule a test drive.