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Teeth Whitening Strips and Pointers to Make Them More Effective Teeth whitening strips are flexible pieces of plastic with whitening gel on them. They’re one of the most popular ways of teeth whitening, owing to their cheap cost and convenient use. These teeth whiteners are generally sold in kits, which come complete with strips for both upper and lower teeth. To apply the strip, just lift off the protective layer and put the sticky side over the front of your teeth for around half an hour daily for seven to fourteen days. The main ingredient in these strips is usually hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Sometimes, anti-sensitivity agents like strontium chloride and potassium nitrate for hypersensitivity may be added as well. Even easier to use are strips that that can be dissolved in water. They may use a peroxide or a non-peroxide to produce the whitening effect. These strips are made mostly of pectin, carboxylmethyl cellulose or glycerol. Glycerol, a sweet and non-toxic compound, easily dissolves in water, while providing the thickening effect for the strips are pectin and carboxylmethyl cellulose, which also dissolve in water.
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How often you have to use teeth whitening strips to get results, differs from one product to the next. In most cases though, the difference can be seen in just a few days to an entire week. IF you pick a good brand, your teeth can be up to 6 shades lighter, depending on the types of stains they have. Without a doubt, convenience is the biggest advantage of using teeth whitening strips. You need nothing to use them, like brushes or trays. You can also use them wherever you wish, and you only need a few minutes to apply them. In addition, they’re totally affordable.
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First, stay away from teeth whitening strips that contain chlorine dioxide. This chemical is very acidic and can practically destroy your enamel with long-term exposure. While already banned, such strips are still in the market, so you have to watch out. Another important thing to keep in mind is that you have to apply teeth whitening strips on completely dry teeth, or they wouldn’t even stick. It should be okay to use a washcloth or blowdryer if the strips are hardly staying in place. Lastly, buy teeth whitening strips that require a timeframe you know you can deal with. Remember, while you have them on, you’re not supposed to eat, drink or even laugh. If two hours is impossible for you to remain still, forget it and get another brand, or you’ll only end up wasting time and money.