The Danger of Ultraviolet (UV) Rays

Ultraviolet light (UV) is one form of energy produced by the sun. UV has many benefits such as the natural source of vitamin D for our body. Therefore do not be too long to move outdoors. Moreover during the hot day.

Too much exposure to ultraviolet light can pose the following dangers:

Causes of Skin Cancer

UV rays contain the most common carcinogens (substances that can cause cancer) in the environment. A study showed that UV rays are a major cause of skin cancer. Such as basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma.

The occurrence of skin cancer has a sign with the appearance of brown spots on the skin. For that you must use sunblock every time the activity under the hot sun. If you drive by car it’s right for you to install window tint. Surely a qualified window tint like Auto Window Tint in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Can Burn Skin

UV rays, especially UV-B can cause immune cells to the skin to release large amounts of histamine. This results in enlargement of blood vessels, acute inflammation, and can kill various types of skin cells. Another terrible effect is peeling on the skin.

Accelerate the Process of Premature Aging

UV rays can lead to collagen and connective tissue collapse under the upper layers of the skin. This is what causes the skin becomes wrinkled, brownish, spots appear, and loss of skin elasticity.

Damage to the Immune System

Exposure to excessive UV radiation can trigger a danger to the immune system. Sunlight can change the distribution and function of white blood cells to fight disease. So it can cause damage to the immune system that protects the body from bacteria, microbes, viruses, toxins and parasites.

It Triggers Damage to the Eyes

Too long under UV exposure at high intensity can cause damage to tissue cells in the eye. It also triggers the risk of photokeratitis. This is like a burning sensation on the surface of the eye. If it gets worse, this disorder can cause complications.

So that all of these things do not happen to you use the safety on your body. Such as sunblock or lotion with UV protection. Also protect your windshield with window tint. Car Window Tint in Fort Lauderdale Florida has many car glass protection options.