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Finding the Best Brake Rotor for Your Ride The selection of any car part is based on how one uses their automotive, brake rotors are no different. Having an effective and efficient braking system is essential to every drive. Therefore one needs to have a perfect combination of the braking system and tires. There are myriad types of the brake rotors. The cuts of made on the surface of the brake rotors is what distinguishes the different types of rotors. The cuts made on the rotor are critical in cooling the brake rotors by allowing passage of air. However, these cuts and holes eliminate some breaking potential. Discussed below are the main types of brake rotors that a driver may consider for their ride. Compact rotors. This type is best suited for the low performing vehicles and are made of compact iron. These brake rotors will be used for quite a long time than the perforated rotors before being changed. These rotors produce less noise and are dustless as compared with the other types. This is a good option for those who want to replace the worn out rotors with original rotors. Grooved surface brake rotors Unlike the smooth surface rotors, slotted surface rotors produce more brake friction. They are ideal for the trucks pulling heavy loads and the cars used for racing. In trucks the additional friction is critical in stopping them due to the heavy loads. However, these rotors always have a lower lifespan due to the high friction.
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Cross-drilled surface rotors. They are associated with better stopping power than the slotted rotors due to the increased friction. Due to the increased friction, the cross drilled rotors often wear out unevenly and has very many cracks on it. Unless it is a requirement for entry into a race, the racing cars shouldn’t use this type of rotors. In rainy and humid areas, the cross drilled surface brake rotors are very ideal. If one is looking for low weight rotors then drilled rotors are an option.
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Perforated and slotted surface brake rotors. The surface of this brake rotors is made up of both the slots and is perforated holes on it. These brake rotors are always ideal for the street automobiles. They are very ideas in case one is looking for a durable brake rotor. The durability of this type of brake rotors may be altered more so if the brake rotors are used in automobiles that need quick stopping such as racing vehicles. Slotted and dimpled surface rotors. These rotors are designed to bring out the visual appeal that is absent in many other rotors. These brake rotors offer all the advantages that come with non-perforated brake rotors. These dimpled and slotted surface rotors are very ideal for the high performance vehicles most importantly the racing vehicles who need a quick stoppage.