Type Of Sticker

Sticker is one of the easiest tool to attract people’s attention. Today we can make a sticker according to our wishes from custom sticker makers and now we can reserve sticker from home, just one click from your notebook. Many companies use the sticker as a media to promote their products or they can stick it to their products. Other companies use the stickers as a reward.

Sell ​​sticker also can be a business opportunity for you.

Sticker that can be printed using a home printer typically uses sticker paper. Sticker paper is only suitable for indoors because it is not very durable, especially if exposed to heat and incessant rain. While the sticker is made of vinyl material is more durable and weather resistant making it suitable for outdoors.

Based on the user places a sticker is divided into two types: car sticker and wall sticker.

Car Sticker

Car Sticker is one of the media campaign that is quite popular. Car Sticker can be used to advertise and market the product. Sticker affixed to the car to promote a new product or service that launched. The excellence of Car Sticker is the sticker can promote products or services on the streets. Sticker of this type is also called a walking advertisement. Compared to other promotional media, car sticker is a media campaign and the most cost effective.

Advantages of the Car Sticker above, makes the car sticker business much in the news lately.

Wall Sticker

Wall sticker is a type that has the largest size. Sticker of this type are usually printed using vinyl material that is easily installed and removed. Sticker this kind does not leave marks on the surface when the sticker was removed. Sticker of this type can be taped to the window or the walls of shops, offices, banks, etc.