Used Car Parts Are Great for Minor Repairs

Last week my car broke down and the dealership didn’t have the parts. I actually have an older model of the car they are selling today, and my part would’ve had to be ordered in. Luckily for me, my husband knows a mechanic that was willing and capable of installing a used part for us. He was able to find the part and fix my car by the middle of the week. I was back on the road in no time. The benefit of buying used auto parts is it saves money, they are readily available, and they have proven performance ability.

Used Parts Save Money

Used auto parts can save you hundreds of dollars. Just because a part is used, doesn’t mean it has reached the end of its life. My part actually came from a junk yard that holds decent car parts. Instead of paying the $400 plus a labor charge for a brand-new part through the dealership, I was able to get a used part for $50 and pay the mechanic about $100 to install it. That was a huge savings for me. From now on when I need parts I will search for used vehicle parts Houston TX

Readily Available

My used auto part was available the same day that I needed it. At first, I thought I was just lucky, but the place had so many parts for various car types. It seems that if anyone needs a part, they should check the used parts first to avoid waiting a week or longer for a brand-new part to come in. The used parts place also had connections so if my part wasn’t available at that time, they were able to get the part for me in just a few days, which still was faster than the dealership.

Proven Performance Ability

If you are nervous about purchasing a used vehicle part just have your mechanic handy when you pick the part up. If you are ordering online, then make sure you figure out what the return rules are. It’s not fair to you if you purchase a part that doesn’t work. Parts that are pulled from an old vehicle that was working fine, will most likely work fine in your vehicle. The part has already proven that it can work because it was working in the previous car.


It’s understandable that used parts may make you nervous to use at first. When your car is broken down the only thing we want is to get back on the road as soon as possible and to not have to pay a fortune to do it. That’s where used parts save the day. Especially if you already know a mechanic. Why pay the dealerships inflated fees? You can get a part that is already matched for your model of car and it will work the same for you as it did when it was in the other car. The only thing you’re unaware of is the remaining life of the part but getting your car back on the road can buy you some more time and preparation in the event you do still wind up buying a new part in the end. Used car parts are cheaper, readily available, and proven to work. All we have to do is find and install them as needed.