What’s the Difference Between the Genesis G80 & G90?

The world of luxury is evolving at an incredible pace. What once belonged only to kings, can be owned by all. As time spirals ahead relentlessly and technology enhances every aspect of our lives; the world of cars brings gifts to all. Genesis, the luxury extension of Hyundai, brings to surface modular luxury in form of the G series. Namely, the G80 and the G90.

Both of the cars are full size sedans adorned in the feathered Hyundai head & taillights. Both of these luxury edition models come packed with very robust driver dashboards and noise controlled cabins. Both are visually stunning; and as creations of the the new age, boast automatic transmissions. But the two are like fraternal twins; born of the same blood – raised asynchronously.

Lets explore a section of the two cars layered and then break them down.

The G80 is essentially the re-vamped original Hyundai Genesis Sedan. With prices for the base model starting around the $42,000 level, the G80 would be considered consumer friendly car. The G90 is renamed and updated version of the Hyundai Equus. Valuation starts around the $69,000 level (for the base model); approximately $27,000 or 64& more expensive. This goes into the account of the G90 beings bigger than its counterpart. However, while the physical dimension of the car are noticeable (approximately six(6) cubic feet difference), the performance tends to goes unappreciated. Underneath the hood, Both of the Genesis model’s come with either a turbocharged 3.3-liter V-6 or a roaring 5.0-liter V-8, nice.

For clarity, we are observing the 2019 genesis g80 sedan. While it is certainly more affordable than its “higher class” version, it nevertheless offers its driver extended feature capabilities, meaning that the driver can add and modify the car anyway their heart desires. Moreover, the G80’s body is lighter and smaller resulting in more steering flexibility. The G80 has been inducted into the ranks of racing competitions against Mercedes and BMW. The horsepower on this bad boy has been ranged from 311 to 420.

The G90 has been likened to a yacht, in its feel against the G80. The G90 has an elongated body and wheel base, resulting in it beings slightly heavier. Coupled with a larger fuel tank and it becomes obvious as to the cars utility. Driver comfortably, safely, and for greater distances. The G90 also caps its horse power at 420, however it does start at the higher range of 365.

Both of the vehicles offer a very similar MPG and drivetrain. The 80 offers up to 18-MGP in the city and around 26 on the Highway. The 90 offers around 17-MPG in city and 24 on the Highway. While these metrics are not stellar, they are certainly not bad. A drivetrain is just the industry lingo used to state what kind of drive the car actually is. Revisiting the Genesis G90 and the 80 we can see that both of them come in RWD and AWD (rear-wheel & all-wheel drive).

This we draw to a conclusion; that while the two of these are strikingly similar, the differences between the two are what defines the quality of a Genesis. Each one has the perfect owner for it. While it is recommended that a buyer comes in to test a car before committing to buying it, a racer might consider the G80 while a cruiser might turn to the G90. Its hard to go wrong when in the class of luxury.