When The Going Gets Tough

Almost everyone, at some has had a crack in their windshield. Sometimes you get them from driving and rocks or pebbles may fly up and hit the glass causing small nicks which later grow into long cracks if not dealt with. Some had a jealous ex take to their window with a crowbar after being caught cheating. The point is if you have a vehicle, a some point you will most likely need your glass repaired.

This was the case with me not too long ago. I was driving past a construction site when out of nowhere, a piece of rock flew up and hit my windshield. It wasn’t more than a little star shaped nick and so I didn’t think too much of it. Well let me tell you, that tiny little nick ended up growing to a long crack that almost took up half of my windshield. I couldn’t believe it grew that fast and to that size. I then searched for an auto glass replacement cincinnati oh to see about getting a quote online. I was surprised to learn the variance in the price could range from as low as $100 all the way up to as much as $700! Sometimes that’s with insurance so can you imaging without glass coverage? And the price can also range dramatically depending on whether or not you need a simple repair, or an entire windshield replacement. Unfortunately for me, I was going to need an entire replacement since the damage had grown beyond repair.

Procrastinating when it comes to a nick in your windshield can mean a large sum of a difference. Had I tended to the problem immediately instead of neglecting it, I probably could have just gotten a windshield repair kit and fixed the small star shaped nick myself. Instead, I waited to do anything about it thinking that it was no big deal when in fact, what could have actually been no big deal, turned into just that because of my indifference to the matter. I learned the hard way that a crack in a windshield is almost like a run in a stocking. With time, it will grow large and larger the more you wear them or in this case, drive. With every bump in the road that crack was steadily inching bigger but it was too small for me to notice right away. And then, one day it seems as if I looked up and there was a huge gash in my windshield.

This situation was just a harsh and expensive lesson for me that you cannot run away from a situation as it will always catch up with you. And when it does, the consequences may end up being far worse than what you would have had to deal with initially. After this, I promised myself that going forward, I will face whatever comes my way, head on and get it over with. I’ve applied this idea to my relationships, work, and even my bills and you know what, life has been much easier and happier for it!