Without Stepping the Gas Pedal, Suddenly it Roared

For those of you who often use four-wheeled vehicles, have ever experienced the incident your truck suddenly roared. But your feet do not step on the gas pedal. Must be confused and not know why the reason?

Indeed many cases of trucks suddenly “roared” aka the engine rotation becomes sudden high even though our feet do not step on the gas pedal. Worse yet, these symptoms often appear without any other signs. Then, when RPM is rising, it’s hard to fall back to normal again.

Of course it can be imagined what danger could cause fatal to the driver. In manual transmission trucks and Matic also different danger. For manual transmission trucks, can hit if the clutch removed. However, for the transmission of Matic trucks, shifting from N to D will create a sound effect and a header, then the truck will run itself when the brake pedal removed.

Gas Pedal

The cause cannot be directly predicted, because there is a possibility that causes the truck to be “roared” as described earlier.

There are many possibilities if the case is like this. In an injection truck with a computerized setup system, it can be scanned using a scanner to find out the cause.

Some of the Causes that Make Gas Pedal Problems Occur, Among Others, as Follows:

  1. The first one, most likely comes because there is a problem with the servo component or idle speed control (ISC). So, should you experience an event like this, check the component. There may be an air leak or one of the servo valves does not close due to the oil vapor inhalation from the combustion chamber.
  2. Second, other possibilities could be caused by the amount of dirt on the various components that should be treated routinely. For example, such as air filters and air flow sensor units. Well, it is advisable, to always service your truck regularly in professional workshops. And do not forget to always replace or clean the air filter components and air flow sensor unit earlier. There is one of commercial truck repair Tacoma that always do the best for their service.
  3. The third, if you have problems as discussed earlier, do not forget to clean the vacuum hose. Because this heavy duty component of each truck will be used. If it is not cleaned and then clogged, it might cause other components to be disturbed.
  4. Fourth, you are also important to check other components such as Body throttle parts, fuel injectors, and then EGR Valve. All the components mentioned earlier, are required for your truck and cleaned regularly if you do not want to arise problems as above.
  5. Well, the last always keep the sensors that are on your truck is always maintained by checking regularly as well. If possible check with the scanner, because the use of scanners to check or detect problems as above will be very helpful to know whether there is a problem.

Those are some of the reasons why a truck problem suddenly brakes without a foot on the accelerator.